Felipe Innocenti Barudy


Playwright, scriptwriter and producer, he has extensive experience in theatre and in the audiovisual sector. Some of his works include the theatrical comedies "Tsunami, la noche de los pijamas", "La tía", "Viaje a Dalí" among many others.
In the audiovisual field, he is the scriptwriter and creator of the series "Tan lejos, tan cerca", "Sommelier", "Metropolitan Jesús" among many others that are in development.

Scriptwriter of the project "hermanas alegria" winner of the CNTV 2020 regional fund.

Andres Vega Miranda


Producer and director trained at IACC, with a postgraduate degree in Filmmaking from the University of Chile. He participated in the restoration of the feature film Canta y no llores, corazón, filmed in Concepción in 1925. His microfilm Jarita won the Campus Microfilm Competition at the Catholic University of Chile. He directed the short film El Circo de las Luces. In 2012 he produced the feature film En las afueras de la ciudad with Patricio Valladares. In 2015 he was executive producer of El Sapo by Juan Pablo Ternicier and Johnny 100 pesos 2.

Producer of the project "hermanas alegria", winner of the CNTV 2020 regional fund.

Paulo Brunetti Fanjul


Actor, director and producer graduated from the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hehas been directed in some of Oscar Barney Finn's best-known plays: La excelsa, Madame Mao, Lejana tierra mía, Las de Barranco, La gata sobre el tejado de zinc caliente (Chile), Las heridas del viento (Chile) and La duda (Chile), among other outstanding plays .In 2019 he premiered Muchacho de Luna in Chile and Argentina, where he was nominated for the ACE award for best actor in a one-man show. In television, he starred in successful TV series such as Preciosas, Soltera otra vez I and II, Demente, just to mention a few. In cinema he acted in "Gritos del Bosque",. "NO", "La Visita", "Mis peores amigos". Sin filtro" and "Araña".He debuted as a director in the short film "Nadar de Noche". Currently writing his script for the feature film.

bruno cordova

Bruno Córdova Cares


Producer, Director and Audiovisual Communicator trained at ICHNOC (Chilean North American Institute of Culture) / (Bachelor of Communications) ARCIS, and graduated in Mass Media from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. He has developed his work as a producer of fiction areas of several open TV channels in Chile, in the dramatic areas of MEGA TVN, CHV and C13, he has worked as executive and general producer. Director and producer of short films, former advisor to the CAIA (Council for the Arts and Audiovisual Industry) of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts. Member of the advisory board of the Lebu International Film Festival. Today director of SUR AUDIOVISUAL and member of Bewell Media. Both production companies create content for various Latin American platforms.

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Alberto Gajardo Innocenti


Industrial designer Duoc Uc, Master in design of transport vehicles Elisava Pompeu - Fabra Barcelona Spain. 3d designer at Espai Barcelona school of design and computer science. Currently in charge of design area Pixel industrial Spa and Bewell Media.

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International Comic Strip Fair Biobío

International Comic Strip Fair Biobío

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We are a multidisciplinary team that has developed a cooperative work model in the audiovisual and artistic field.
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